Conformity Assessment

Department of Health

Project Description

Develop a customer facing, intelligent electronic form to allow clients to submit applications for medical devices Conformity Assessments. Also develop a repository to contain the certificate information and allow the processing of the electronic applications.

Project Details

Client Department of Health
Date June 2017
Skills K2, Forms Develpment, SQL DB develpment. Needs analysis, DevOps
View www,tga,gov,au

Certificate Repository

A K2 application developed for internal staff to manage the certificates in the repository database.  Gives the ability to create and updated certificates and supports the publishing process.  Also gives advanced search features using a custom developed search component developed for this project.

Conformity Assessment Application  Electronic Form

A multi-page electronic form developed using K2 smartforms to replace the existing paper form used to submit the Conformity Assessment applications.  Also supports uploading of supporting documentation and pre-population of most customer data from the Department’s CRM system and the Certificate Repository.

Throughout this engagement DynAPPix were found to share the values of the Australian Public Service (honesty, integrity, responsiveness and professionalism) and demonstrated a commitment to helping the Department achieve its outcomes.

In June 2017 DynAPPix successfully assisted the Department in delivering the electronic form capturing manufacturer’s evidence and the certificate repository. These deliverables have received extremely positive feedback from industry.

Based on the Department’s experience I would strongly recommend DynAPPix.

Dr Eric Kordt

Director of Regulatory Applications, Therapeutic Goods Administration, Department of Health

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